Introduction: Changing an Administrators Password With a Limited Account

This instructable will tell you how to change an administrators password, even if you have a limited account. Probably this has been done hundreds of times on this site, so bear with me.

Step 1: Instructions

Open Command prompt/MS-DOS, (it's in accessories or you can go to run, type cmd)
Type this:
net user
net user "Any Username" * Note: Make sure to spell exactly what the username is.....nah

Type the new password, the text you type is not going to come up on the screen but its there.
It will ask you to so

Step 2: That's It!

There you have it! A changed password.
Troubleshoot: If the time is not correct on your compy, this will not work, not sure why.
I first did this when my brother changed me to a limited account and he became the only administrator.
Thanks for reading
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