Introduction: Changing and Rotating Tires

First you need to have your car in postion on the lift with all doors and objects in the car or put away.

Step 1: Tools Needed

For this you will need these said tools:
- Air gun
- Torque wrench
- Air hose
- Impact Sockets

Step 2: Car Lifting

After you get the rigth set off tools you would want to find the hoisting points of your vehicle on mitchell on demand. Then lift the vehicle to a set hieght that is easy for you to handle the wheel.

Step 3: Taking Off Nuts

Next find the right socket for the nut and attach it to the air gun start to remove the nuts.Make sure you go in a star pattern as you remove. Set your air hose to 90 psi

Step 4: Taking and Swithing Tires

After you take all the nuts off take off the tire and set it to the side and do the same for the other tire you want to you want to take off.

Step 5: Putting Tires Back On

After you switch the tires and put them back on the hub use your hands to tightin the nuts first then use your torque wrench to torque the nuts edown but not before you find the torque specs on mitchell on demand.

Step 6: Lower the Car and Your Done

Use the lift to lower the car and your Change and remove tire task is complete.