Chapter 4, Parallel Circuits

Introduction: Chapter 4, Parallel Circuits

In this chapter, we will cover the following:

1. Parallel Circuit Definition

2. Voltage in Parallel Circuit

3. Current in Parallel Circuit

4. Resistance in Parallel Circuit

5. Designing Parallel Circuits

6. Designing Parallel Circuits to Specification

7. Sources in Parallel

8. Current Divider

9. Power Dissipation

10. Differences Between Series and Parallel Circuits

It is imperative that you have a working knowledge of series circuits. If you haven't done so, go over Chapter 3 to learn about series circuits.

Step 1: What Makes a Parallel Circuit?

Step 2: Voltage Is the Same in Parallel Circuits

Step 3: Current Is Additive in Parallel Circuits

Step 4: Total Resistance Is 1 ÷ the Sum of the Reciprocals

Step 5: Designing a Parallel Circuit

Step 6: Designing a Parallel Circuit to Specification

Step 7: Design to Spec 2

Step 8: Sources in Parallel

One technique to increase current in a circuit is to place power sources in parallel.

Adding another voltage source in parallel to existing voltage sources will not increase total voltage (VT), rather, as stated above it increases the current. To increase total voltage, one must place the additional voltage source in series with the existing voltage source.

When placing voltage sources in parallel, ensure that all the voltage sources have the same value. If the voltage sources in parallel are not the same value, there is a very high possibility that your voltage source/s will explode.

For example, if V1 = 12V, then V2 and V3 must also be 12V.

Step 9: Current Dividers

Step 10: Power Dissipation in a Parallel Circuit

Step 11: Differences Between Series and Parallel Circuit

Dear Geeks,

There will be updates on this chapter (CH 4) to further explain the concepts. So check in every 2 weeks for updates. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, don't be shy to post.


Step 12: Helpful Video 1

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Step 8Sources in Parallel

    Batteries are voltage sources ( with an internal resistance ) In the case of your circuit the current is 12 micro amps. With one battery or a million ( current the same to a few pico amps ). Please recheck this section, I think you will see your error.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    hey russ,

    thanks for pointing that out. I uploaded the corrected figure.

    elektrobot :)


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    attention geeks/you guys,

    I apologize for not adding much to this material this month. I have been lazy lately. I'm also stressing on finding the perfect apartment for myself and my cat (her name is mouse). Budget and perfect apartment is not an easy task.

    Anyway, I will try and add to this section this coming March. Have a nice day!