Introduction: Charge Axim X50v From ANY USB Charger + Sync Problems

Recently I had a few problems with my Dell Axim X50v PDA. This PDA charges through USB, but requires a 2.0 port. This was never a problem before, that is until my computer went out and I got a new one.

For some reason the new computer would not connect to the PDA, not connecting means no charging. Yes the charging light does come on, but no charge to the battery at all.

I needed the PDA the next morning and was willing to try just about anything to get it working.

I looked up the pin outs for the connector online and noticed that the 5V+ line from the USB cable went to a couple Data ports and to the charging circuit. Since i ha 2 USB cable I decided to mod one to see if it would work. All I wanted was to charge the battery.

The end result allowed me to connect to my new computer, charge for ANY USB wall or car charger. Even homemade ones that are just a 5 volt power supply. This will also help your battery to last longer.(more charges) Because it slow charges the battery instead of fast charging.

This will work with the Del Axim X50 X50v X51 X51v models only. This is not for any other models.
With a 2200Mah extended run time battery in my X50v it takes about 6 hours to charge compared to 2 hours before this mod.

Step 1: Parts

What you need for this is
USB Cable, not a cradle
small philips screw driver
Sharp Knife

Step 2: Open the Connector Up

We will only be messing with the RED wire, no other wires will be disturbed at all.

Remove the two screws, use the tip of your knife to open the two clips holding it together.

Now you will see one of two things. Hopefully you will see a small circuit board, if not it will be just wires.

Both of mine where circuit boards.

If you have wires only, go to step 6

Step 3: Cut the Traces

Now you want to disconnect both of the Data connections from the 5V+ line.

Step 4: Put It Back Together

Once you have the two traces cut/disconnected put the connector back together.

Once you get it back together, you MUST make sure the release clips still work properly. I stress this because I once ordered a aftermarket cable for a Zune and ruined the connector on the zune because the cable would not release.

Step 5: Try It Out

Plug it into your Axim and charger/computer.

Charger- Once you plug it in the PDA will turn on, turn it off and the orange charging light will turn on, Now comes the test.
Try to turn it back on. If it turn on, your mod worked, turn it back off and let it charge, check the battery level after about 30 minutes to see if it is charging.

Computer- Once you plug it in, Active sync should pop up and ask you to set up a partnership. This means that the mod worked.

Step 6: Wire Connector Only

If your connector has wires only, you will have to cut and solder a couple wires.

There will be 3 red wires on different pins, the two on the outer sides of the connector need to be cut, the one that is closest to the middle is the only one we want to be hooked up of the red wires.