Introduction: Charge Your Phone With a Car Battery (6V-24V)

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Charging your smartphone while camping outside is not always easy. I am showing you how to charge your phone by using a car battery and a moped battery. You can also use the gadget with any kind of 6V-24V power source.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

The video already talks about the most important facts. But I will also give you some more informations about the project in the next steps.

Step 2: It Is Time to Choose Your Circuit!

You may have noticed that I build 2 cicuits inside this gadget, which basically have the same function. But they have their own pros and cons:


+ very simple, perfect for beginners

+ very cheap

+ useful when you only need a little current

- efficiency is horrible with higher voltages (24V --> 21%--> becomes a heater)

(12V --> 42%--> not nice)


- more complex circuit

- more parts, more costs

+ efficiency is quite good for a DIY phone charger (around 80%)

You can decide which one you want to use or maybe you build both. It is up to you.

Step 3: The Simple Way: LM7805!

Get your parts here (affiliate links):



Capacitor Kit:


Capacitor Kit:

You only need 3 parts for this circuit. If you got all the parts then follow the schematic to create your circuit. Feel free to store your new gadget in an awesome case.

Step 4: The Efficient Way: LM2576!

Get your parts here (affiliate links):

LM 2576 (be sure to get the 5V version, there also exists an adjustable one):

Capacitor kit:

Schottky Diode:


This circuit requires 5 parts. But it is still pretty cheap and creating the circuit should be fairly easy.

Step 5: Combine the Circuits and Make a Case!

If you decided to build both circuits and you want to combine them in one awesome case like me, then get your parts and follow the schematic.


Rotary switch:

Binding post:

Green LED 5mm:

DC switch:

Step 6: Success!

I hope your new gadgets works great and you enjoyed this project.

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