Introduction: ChargeDroid

This USB-powered robot serves to recharge your AA batteries.

Step 1: Materials

USB Cable
insulating tape
AA battery adapter
1/2 Kinder Egg Shells
2 Resistor 500 ohms
Permanent Marker

Step 2: Droid Eye

Mark and cut the eye of Android

Step 3: Cut the Outline of the Battery Adapter

Cut the outline of the battery adapter for Android head

Step 4: Prepare the USB Cable

Cut the wire and four-wire Sharpen find red wires is the positive and the negative black.

No other cables are used, only the red and black.

Step 5: Build the Circuit

Build the circuit according to the diagram shown, use PCB for better presentation.

Step 6: Use the Tape

Use the tape to block intersections and avoid short circuits

Step 7: Decorate

Decorate to your liking your android.

I put a few feet of foam and  one eye with marker.

Step 8: Finally Put Your AA Batteries

Finally put your AA batteries to charge, this could take between 4 and 10 hours.

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