Introduction: Charger Hack in a Pinch

Sometimes I find that I don't have the correct charger for my gear, I guess I am not organized although I know where is most of my stuff ;).

Normally I find one with the correct voltage, but the plug does not match.

Instead of going to radioshack or similar outfit to get the correct plug or charger, I do the following:

1-Cut a little piece of an old phone wire with about  3/4" and remove all the the colored wires from inside (this will be the gray sleeve to insulate the positive wire inside of the female plug).

2-Remove the insulation of 2 colored wires with about 3" long and twist the strands on itself so that they stay together.

3-Bend the edges of one of the bare wires and insert inside of the 3/4" sleeve. Slide the sleeve down the female -male pin-.

4- Twist the other one bare wire around the ground of the male plug.

5-Bend both ends of the unused bare wires and insert as shown in the photo.

I am sure someone can come up with a better setup and better description, but this quick setup works  to charge a gadget with a regular round plug without cussing, swearing or smoking.  Besides, I stopped smoking for some time now ;)