Introduction: Charging Color Laser Toner Cartridge  

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In this post , we can see that how to charging color laser toner cartridge.

Fisrt of all you should know that , this method works for all hp laserjet toner cartridges, both colored and monochrome.

lets go and do that...


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Step 1: Open Screws

On both sides of the toner cartridge, there are two covers that are fastened by screws into place. First, open the two screws to separate the two cartridge parts.

Step 2: Separate Two Pieces of Cartridge

As you can see in the picture, separate the two parts.

Step 3: Replace the Opc Drum

A toner cartridge have a part called opc drum as a main part . The opc drum should be replace(OPTIONAL!).

Step 4: Open the Toner Cartridge Lid Retaining Screws

ther are two screws on the white part thats made of plastic . You hould open those .

after that you have take the magnetic part out of the place, if you want to know what is that you can read an ariticle in persian language and use google translate named آموزش شارژ لیزری رنگی a printer services and shop website named.

Step 5: Use New Toner to Refill the Cartridge

in this step you should refill the cartridge:

1- shake the toner bottle
2- make an small hole on it
3- fill the cartridge as you see in the picture
4- use a blower to remove any kind of dirt
5- assemble the toner cartridge

i hope that this instructable helps you . with lots of love