Introduction: Charging Dock (Santury Lookalike)

Hi, This is my first instructable ....
i saw this charging station at
Since i stay in india here shipping is not easy
so here it goes

Step 1: Stuff U Need

1. Old danish cookie box charger
3.Wire 2m
6.indicator light
7.duct tape glue gun
9.pvc pipe
10. Usb Charger
11. Super glue (Fevi kwik)
12. Old Mouse Pad
13 Plug (i used an old pc power plug which had a bad female connector)

Step 2: Cutting the Pipes & Painting the Tin

1. see the depth of your tin and accordingly cut the pipe i measured 7cm so had cut 4 pcs of 4 cm each

2.paint your tin DIY or get it from a local car painter i got mine for Rs.50 (1$)

Step 3: Wiring the Tin

Make a hole in d tin and insert the power cord

Step 4: Getting Everything Together

Getting everything together
use the glue gun  to stick the pipe on the tin
i used duct tape u can use female connectors and jus join it all

Step 5: Testing

Step 6:

Measure the radius of the tin and cut the plywood
stick the mouse pad on the plywood and cut the excess

Step 7: Finishing

Step 8: The Final Product

Well Without Spending 129.95$ (Rs.5847) on the santury
i spent not more then 3$ (Rs.135)

 I get a good looking charging station

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