Charging Mobile From 9V Battery




Introduction: Charging Mobile From 9V Battery

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Hi friends in this instructable we are going to see how to make a mobile charger from 9V battery

Step 1: Things Required

  1. 9V battery
  2. otg cable
  3. 9V battery clip
  4. voltage regulator (IC 7805)

Step 2:

Now solder the left and right pin if the ic to the battery clip

Then solder the middle pin the the positive of otg and and solder left pin to the negative of otg

(the left pin is negative)

Step 3:

Now connect the battery with the battery holder

then you can able to charge your phone

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    4 years ago

    9V batteries aren't a good idea for this purpose as they have very little capacity. also a 6V battery with dropping diode(s) would be more efficient.