Introduction: Charging Station

This charging station is a fun and cool project to do that results in a nice modern home built charging station with a back stand.

Step 1: Step 1: Laser Cutter

Use the file provided above to upload to the software for your laser cutter. Then place your .25 inch thick wood into the laser cutter and allow the laser cutter to cut out the sides for the charging station.


Step 2:

Then take all the pieces cut by the laser cutter, except for the small side pieces, and fix them together with wood glue.

Step 3: Step 3: Blocks to Stabilize the Product

Get a piece of scrap wood and make little blocks to glue in as support for the corners. These will also act as a lift for the back plate so you can get the charging cord in later.

Step 4: The Small Sides

Glue in one of the small sides. The other you will want to keep open so you can access the charging cable in case the cable slips through inside the box.

Step 5: Place the Back Plate

Place the back plate into the large slot on the top of the station. This completes the overall design, all that is left to do it place the charging cable through the bottom.

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