Introduction: Charging Station With Individual Switches

Hello, here's another project of a charging station, based on various found around here, special thanks to PROD for the switches idea. It´s very basic, in terms of woodkrafting and electricity.

Step 1: Material Used

I've just used some spares around the house:

- Wine wooden box and furniture felt pads

- A piece of plywood (from the back of a frame)

- A piece of EVA foam

- Few brass gromits and pushpins

- Wire, "female" outlets, wire conectors, terminal blocks, rocker switches, a/c outlet.

- basic tools

Step 2: Preparing the Box

Picked a wine wooden box and inserted in the bottom four Tap-In Felt Furniture Pads.

Drilled a hole in the back and aplied a gromit to the A/C cable.

Didn´t made any protection on the wood, but i would like to apply in the future some varnish to give a rustic look to the box.

Step 3: Cut the Plywood, and Apply the EVA Foam

Cut the plywood and the EVA foam at the same size in a way that it can enter the box tightly. Fix the EVA foam with four pushpins to the plywood.

Apply the shelf holders further down in the front of the box , so the plywood lid stays in diagonal.

Step 4: Drill the Holes and Apply the Gormits

Drilled four holes in the EVA foam with the brass gromit itself and in the plywood with a wood drill. I've made a slot from the hole to the edge of the plywood (under the EVA) and "opened" 2 gormits so the 2 larger outlets can pass through the holes.

Step 5: The Electric Insert

Wired the female outlets to each other and to the switches.

Tested outside the box.

Step 6: Drill the Switches Holes

Drilling and filing...

Step 7: Insert the Electric Inside the Box, Connect to the Switches, A/C Cord

Bad pictures... just a knot in the A/C cord so it cant be pulled from the outside.

Step 8: That's It!

Finished! Nice good looking charging station for portable apliances (nokia charger, 1 x mini usb , 2 x micro usb).

In conclusion, e realize that the box is unnecessary to high and would look much better with a rustic finish.

The major problem was the switches rectangular holes, a lot of filing...

The next fase will be apply an A/C inlet at the side of the box, just as ejpierle did so well.

Sorry for the english (not native). Any doubt just ask!