Introduction: Charging a Gameboy Advance Sp With No Charger

In this instructable I'm going to teach you how to charge a GameBoy Advance SP without a charger.

I made a GBA SP charger using household items. I was looking to solve this problem with a tutorial online but at the end all the "tutorials" did was tell me to buy a charger online. I figured out how to solve it and I wanted it to be shared.

This is my first instructable. Sorry for any spelling errors.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Bobby pins x 2

USB cable x 1 (Any USB cable will do)

Step 2: Putting Stuff Together

1. Peel one end of the USB cable (Don´t peel the end that will be conected to your computer)
2. Scrape both ends of the bobby pin (The round part and the flat part)

3.Tangle the positive wire to the round part of a bobby pin and the negative wire to the round part of the other bobby pin

Step 3: Connect the Bobby Pins

4.Then connect your USB cable to your cellphone charger/PC.

5.Connect the red wire bobby pin to the inferior right pin (number 3 in the diagram) on your GBA.

6.Finally connect the black wire bobby pin to the inferior left pin (number 6 in the diagram) on your GBA.

I hapenned to have a USB cable charger thingy so mine turned out like in the picture, but it will work the way I described this instructable to you.