Introduction: Chariot Crown - Black Rock Shooter

Easy and simple. A tutorial on the crown Chariot wears from the anime Black Rock Shooter.

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Song: Black ★ Rock Shooter Animation Remixes Track 04 ~ One Day (Shinichi Osawa Remix) ~


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Step 1: Download and Print the Pattern

You can find the link in the description of the youtube video attached.

These are the piece you'll use to trace onto the foam sheets.

Step 2: Making the Spikes

Trace the template onto foam and cut out. I used yellow foam for this project but I'd recommend using Black as Chariot's crown is black so it's easier to paint later!

Step 3: Attaching the Spikes

Organise your spikes so you've got it symmetrical - the largest spike being at the top and gradually going down to the smallest. (See photo)

Then grab some thick wire and make a circle with it. Then using smaller pieces of wire to thread into the rectangle of the spike, tie the wire to the circle (See video if I'm not making sense!)

Continue with all the spikes until you have what's in the second photo.

Step 4: Making the Spikes Sturdy

Then use more wire along the length of the spike to keep it standing straight. Use hot glue to attack the wire. Do this for every spike.

Step 5: Final Touches

Then bend your spikes outwards slightly to form chariot's Crown shape.

Step 6: Adding a Band

Hot glue a piece of foam around the outside of the crown to hide the rectangles with wire and make it look neater

Step 7: Painting

Then just paint it black! And it's finished :)

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