Charlotte: the Queen of Desserts!

Introduction: Charlotte: the Queen of Desserts!

You have some guests to dinner or you prepare a family lunch but you're short of ideas for the dessert. You want to be more inventive and you're fed up with serving the classic chocolate cake or your grandmother's apple pie? Why would you not try the charlotte?Sweet, original, and easy to make (alone or with a friend, your parents or your kids) old and young will be delighted and you'll have definitely a great sucess ! Originally, the charlotte was made with slices of bread butter and served hot. The name of the dessert might have been invented in honour of the Queen Charlotte of Mecklemburg Strelitz who was said to be fond of food and especially desserts...
This recipe is based on cream, juicy pears, and a special biscuit called "spongefinger"(because of its elongated shape and itsabsorption characteristic which make it so mellow when you taste it, dipping it into milk or tea!).This biscuit will be the architecture of your cake! Absolutely necessary in other words!

Ingredients: You need

*preserved pears (canned pears contain syrup you'll need for your preparation)
*chestnut cream (if you don't like chesnut, you can replace it by 150g of cane sugar)
* sponge fingers (one box)
* 250g of low fat cottage cheese
*A charlotte mould

1) drain the pears off and conserve their syrup in a dish

2)dip one by one the sponge fingers in the pear'syrup and dispose them in circle in the mold.

3)mingle chesnut cream with cottage cheese until obtaining an homogeneous mixing. Dice the pears.

4)Cut three sponge fingers and put them in the mold's bottom. Recover them with the "cream" and then add a sheet of diced pears, and after a second sheet of sponge fingers.

5)Alternate with cream and diced  pears, and after finish with spongefingers.Close the mould and turn it over.

6)Let the cake in the fridge during six hours. Turn out the charlotte in a tart dish.

Greedy suggestions gourmands: ser ve  your charlotte with melted chocolate!

Enjoy your dessert!!!

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