Introduction: Charmander Pinata

How to make a Charmander Pinata out of random household objects!

You will need;

Modroc / papier mache

2 litre fizzy drink bottle

2 balloons

toilet roll tubes

pipe cleaners

a wire coat hanger




tissue paper

and sweets

Step 1: First Make the Head and Snout

The head is made from a balloon and the top part of the snout is made from the rounded top of a 2 litre lemonade bottle.

Cut the neck off the bottle. Cut out a snout shape out of the curved top of the bottle, frill the edges a bit so you can glue it to the balloon later. Now blow up the balloon to an appropriate Charmander head size.

Step 2: Papier Mache the Head

Papier mache or mod roc the head, leave a space in the mouth, you can use this space later on to fill charmander with sweets.

Glue the snout to the head after the mod roc dries and then mod roc the snout too.

Step 3: Create the Body

Spend some time blowing up another balloon to an size that will make an appropriate body. Mod roc this balloon leaving the top bare.

Step 4: Create Arms

Use a toilet roll each for two arms. I cut lines across the tubes so i can make them smaller on one end and curved so it looks more like arms. Glue these arms to the body.

Step 5: Create the Tail

Bend a wire coat hanger into a tail shape, creating loops that will allow mod roc or papier mache to be stretched across it.

Step 6: Create Legs

Legs are a bit tricky, you can try a toilet roll again like for the arms, but i created the general shape with two different sized polystyrene balls. Cut the larger in half so it can be attached flush with the body of the Charmander. You can attach the two balls together with tape and this will help flesh out the legs so they don't look too ball shaped!

Step 7: Attach All the Limbs and Create Feet

Attach the four limbs to the main body, leave the head and tail for now.

I created feet out of cardboard the small details of the fingers and toes are tricky so i used pipecleaners to get the shape and used plenty of modroc to make them solid.

Step 8: Attach the Tail Then Head

Attach the tail, let that set and make sure it's secure and then attach the head. You need to make sure the two legs and the tail make a sort of tripod, the tail will touch the floor to stabilise the whole thing. You need to position the legs and tail in such a way so that the whole thing doesn't topple over when the head is attached as it may be a little top heavy.

Step 9: Paint!

You need yellow, red, black, white and green (if you want to do his iris properly)

Step 10: Cut Up Tissue Paper

Fold your tissue paper several times then cut to create loads of strips of tissue. These should be about an inch or two thick, cut lines 3 quarters of the thickness through the entire length of the strips to create frills.

Step 11: Glue the Tissue Paper on to Finish the Pinata Look!

Starting from the bottom add layers and layers of frills applying glue to the part you have not made frilly and stick to the Charmander with the frills facing downwards, do this for the whole body in the appropriate colours. Now fill with sweet and grab a baseball bat! :D