Cheap 6 Pair Glove Dryer

Introduction: Cheap 6 Pair Glove Dryer

This is how you make a cheap 6 Pair Glove Dryer.

Step 1: Find 20 Feet of Stiff Wire

1. Find 20 feet of stiff wire. I'm using some leftover 12 gage copper wire. Thick steal wire works better but this is all I had at the time.

Step 2: Cut the Wire to Size

2. Cut the wire to fit a heater vent in your house. Allow for about 6 inches to overlap where the wires come together. Now twist the wire together and shape to to your vent.

Step 3: Make the Glover Holders

3. Now get 1 16 foot wire and make it look like the image. First start by twisting the wire one full loop around the base> Make a Loop for the glove> one full turn around the base> repeat ....

It looks silly but I will take a pair of dry ski gloves over silly any day.

Step 4:

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Now that definitely beats hanging them from clothes pins in the basement... and you get not just dry gloves, but warm ones too. Great use of time, space and energy!