Introduction: Cheap 6 Pair Glove Dryer

This is how you make a cheap 6 Pair Glove Dryer.

Step 1: Find 20 Feet of Stiff Wire

1. Find 20 feet of stiff wire. I'm using some leftover 12 gage copper wire. Thick steal wire works better but this is all I had at the time.

Step 2: Cut the Wire to Size

2. Cut the wire to fit a heater vent in your house. Allow for about 6 inches to overlap where the wires come together. Now twist the wire together and shape to to your vent.

Step 3: Make the Glover Holders

3. Now get 1 16 foot wire and make it look like the image. First start by twisting the wire one full loop around the base> Make a Loop for the glove> one full turn around the base> repeat ....

It looks silly but I will take a pair of dry ski gloves over silly any day.

Step 4: