Cheap Air Filter

Introduction: Cheap Air Filter

We recreated the Air Filter and this is our last project. We made it small and made the measurements clear. The openings are even formally cut open and The texture is very formal and professional. Our 3.0 project is portable and works very well to clean the dirty air. Also the texture is rough so its very hard for the box to break when dropped on the floor.

Step 1: Materials

1. 3D printing material

2. Fish Filter

3. CPU fan

4. 2, 9 volt batteries

5. Switch

6. Copper wires

7. Screws

8. 2, 9 volt battery terminals

9. Soldering iron.

10. Tape (optional)

11. 1.8 OHM resistor

12. Drill

Step 2: 3D Printing

This is the link to download the air filter case to 3D print

1. Download file

2. Extract all files

3. Put files in 3D printer

Step 3: Solder Copper Wires

The diagram explains the steps on soldering the wires and equipment together. The B stands for batteries and the R stands for a resistor. The diagram should be useful to connect everything together.

Step 4: Installing Fan

1. Place fan on the vent made in the 3d print

2. Drill screw thru holes in fan and into the case.

3. If screws are sticking out the case you can use a metal file to make the point less sharp

4. Make sure fan doesn't move and stays in place

Step 5: Placing Switch and LED

1. First you will drill holes in the case small enough for the switch and LED to fit.

2. Make sure that they fit and don't fall out or move.

3. They should be tight in the case.

4. Fix wires so they don't get messy and tangle inside the case.

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