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Introduction: Cheap Aquarium Filter - Crystal Clear Water

About: Hey! i am High school student studying and like to make new things and do inventions

Here is my cheapest filter with very low maintenance needed. Compare to carbon , bio bags etc..

This filter has only sponge yes a sponge but a good quality sponge i have big sheet of sponge lying in my garage i never thought that this useless material can clean my aquarium like this compare to my filter which consist of biobag , carbon etc... i need to change those bags in every 1-2 month they don't last long

If i compare that one with my sponge filter i only need to wash my sponge and yup they are cleaned ready to use you only need to change sponge after 5 month if they are really in that bad condition so this filter is pocket friendly :D

Now let me tell you how this system work

Step 1: Pump

Here is my filter pump if you have aquarium you will definitely have one but if not you can buy it from any local aquarium store or amazon depending on your aquarium so what my does is take water and pump it up through blue pipe that pipe goes to my aquarium canopy with my filter attached on it, known as On the top filter

Step 2: Process of Filtration

Sorry but this part is dirty anyway lets go through to this step quickly

In my first pic there is that blue pipe connected to attachment to make pipe bend so water can pass quickly whereas on my 2,3 pic you can see sponge as filter material and that white pipe with holes so that water can get out from these holes

Step 3: Filtering Complete

Now the water comes out of my filter tank

Step 4: Crystal Clear Water

Now its Crystal clear water Fishes are happy :D

If you want design of my filter tank model ( Google Sketch up model )

click on attachment

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    6 years ago

    for this to take more effect, i believe it has to be a sponge with small openings or "holes", if im explaining myself correctly, right?