Introduction: Cheap Basketball Vest Frame With Easy Access/Removal

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Hi and welcome to my ible #51.

Framing a basketball vest may be cheap, if you are happy to keep the vest framed forever,

but very expensive if you want to have access to the vest itself (to wear it from time to time).

On Ebay I have seen prices around £80 (111$)!

I thought to create a cheap solution to transform a normal frame in something that you can remove from the wall as a painting and, at the same time, to have an easy access to it (in case you decide to wear the vest).

The first attempt I made was simply ridicolous.

I've basically nailed the back of the frame and the hook that supports the vest to the wall (it was drywall).

I've used 3 nails, one straight and 2 bent to 90 degrees to support the frame.

It was really working, but I thought what if you decide to move it to another place?

After all, life is short and nothing lasts forever. :-)

So, I had to find a better solution...


1x Frame 60cm x 80cm with 30mm depth

3x L bracket (Iron) 55mmx30mm

3x Permament Magnets 20mmx2mm

1x 3mm screw

1x 3mm bolt

1x picture hook

1x 45cm rod 8mm diameter (made of wood)


File (for metal)

Bolt cutter or pincer

Cutter (Exacto Knife)

Superglue UHU


Patience... a lot of it :-)

Step 1: Glueing the L Brackets and Grooving the Frame to Fit the Permanent Magnets

I came out with the idea that using 3 L brackets (attached to the back of the frame) and permament magnets embedded into the frame itself, would have easily sorted this problem out.

First thing first, I have glued the L brackets to the back of the frame, cutting a little rectangle that fits the thickness of the bracket. In this way I'm not going to increase the height of the back of the frame.

After that, I've placed 2 permanent magnets at the edge of the transparent pyrex cover, creating a groove (hollow rectangle) that fits the width and the thickness of my permanent magnets (20mmx2mm).

I've placed the 3rd permanent magnet at the centre of the bottom of the frame.

The L bracket I've used were longer than the depth of the frame (30mm), so I've had to shorten them, using a bolt cutter.

Step 2: Glueing the Magnets

After making the grooves (rectangular hollows) inside the frame (using a small flat screwdriver), I've glued the permanent magnets using UHU superglue.

I've covered the magnets using sell-o-tape, to make sure they wouldn't moved until the glue was dry.

Basically, the idea is that the metal part of the brackets will be locked in place by the permanet magnets.

Step 3: Attaching the Vest

To hold the vest I've used an 8mm diameter rod x 45 cm (made of wood), that I can place on the picture hook.

The hook is secured to the back of the frame, using a 3mm metal screw and a nut.

In this way I can remove the all frame from the wall, as you do with an usual framed picture.

Step 4: Congratulations!

You made your magnetic frame (you can put in your favourite spot of your house/room).

You can access to it is a super quick way, just lifting the frame from the back.

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