Cheap, But Great Mini Wood Clamps

Introduction: Cheap, But Great Mini Wood Clamps

That we live in a society with a lot of disposable items, that's a fact.

All too often, when we arrive at home after shopping, we carry a lot of "unwanted items" because a store hands material over to you ‘for free’, but actually they are glad to be rid of it. For example, think of plastic clothes hangers...too bad to be used at home, but good enough for use in a store.

Sometimes, however, you get a metal clothes hanger with metal clippers...and, as a hobbyist, we can make great use of this type of clothes hangers!

Slide the metal clippers as far as possible to the sides of the hanger and use a high quality cutter and a lot of force, or even better, a (miniature) grinding wheel to cut or grind the metal clippers. When done, remove the sharp edges on the ends with a metal file.

To prevent the metal strip from slipping through the metal clippers, causing them to break apart, you can stick and glue rubber caps on the ends, or use a small drop of two-component adhesive on both ends. When dry, the rubber cap or the thick two-component adhesive drops prevents the metal strip from slipping out of the metal clippers.

Simple, efficient, cheap and more important, the garbage heap stays a little bit lower!
Scale Model or Construction tools do not have to be expensive, if you're creative.

I use these wood clamps in many of my projects like a recent project:


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