Introduction: Cheap Camera Stand

Hi, this is an Instructable on how to make a cheap camera stand- it is only cheap of course if you have a camera, lol-. 

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

You Will Need:
4mm Wide Screw (no preferred length)*
A Ball That Is Cut In Half ( in my case, you can split it in two with just a pair of hands)
That Is It!

* The Length of the Screw  Depends on Your Preferance ( I am using a 7cm Long Screw )
   The Width of the Screw Depends on the Width of the Hole on the Bottom of Your Camera ( I think the standard for all camera's is 3-4mm but I am not certain on that, you might have to measure it on your camera)

Step 2: Step 1: Split the Ball in to Two Parts

If you don't have a ball that separates in to two halves the you will need to cut it through the middle and choose one half (preferably the flattest half) and drill a hole a bit smaller than the width of your screw. Also, make sure that your ball is made of a high composite material ( like high composite rubber or plastic ), other wise it will just flop or fall when you mount your camera.   

Step 3: Attach the Screw to Your Half of Your Ball

Now screw the screw into the hole in  the half of your ball, first on the outside - to make the hole big enough for the screw - but not too much. Then turn it over to screw it in on the inside, this time making sure that, when you put it down, it stands on the rim of the half of your ball and not on the head of your screw. After you have done this, take some glue, I used PVC Cement, to secure the screw and stop it from going anywhere. 

Step 4: Done

That's it! Your done, all you have to do no is wait for the glue to dry ( if you put any on ), put the camera on and take some great stills.
Happy Photographing ;D