Introduction: Cheap DIY Air Conditioner

I built this completely with materials found around my house.
This is NOT meant to cool down a whole room, it just creates a nice cool breeze. 

Materials Needed:
Coleman Personal8 Cooler (or similar)
Small, cheap styrofoam cooler (usually under $10) will also work. 

3 PVC elbow joints, about 1/2 in. ID (around $1 each at hardware store)

Drill with bit same size as OD of PVC elbows

Computer fan (about $5 from radioshack)

12v transformer* (not sure where to buy these...)

6 empty gatorade bottles

Duct tape (about $10 from radioshack)

Extension cord w/ switch (not totally necessary, but nice to have)

Xacto knife

*transformer only necessary for a 12v fan, you can get a different one for different voltage fans of just install a plug if you have a 120v fan.

Step 1: Cut Hole for Fan

Put the fan up against the back of the cooler, mark with pencil around the outside of it, and cut out a square hole for the fan. Push the fan into the hole. A tight fit is good; it lets less air escape. 

Step 2: Drill Holes in Lid of Cooler

With your drill, drill 3 holes in the lid for the pvc elbows. Insert the elbows in and secure then with duct tape. 

Step 3: Gatorade Bottles

Fill empty gatorade bottles with water, and then freeze them. Once the water is frozen, remove them from the freezer and tape them together like a six-pack. You can modify this to compensate for different cooler sizes, my cooler just happened to fit them perfectly. 

Step 4: Hook Up the Transformer to the Fan

Pretty self-explanatory... you can just twist the wires together or solder them if you are really committed. 

Step 5: That's It! You're Done!

Put the frozen bottles into the cooler.

Turn on the fan and feel the cool breeze across your face...

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