Introduction: Cheap DIY Massaging Roller

Hello to everyone! As hobby I play Rugby every sunday and usually every monday I have my legs and my back that hurt so bad.
To prevent awkward positions to stretch my body at university during my studing day (I'm still a student), I searched for a massaging roller on sports shops and online to use after matches, but the prices are very very high for the type of product.
A massaging roller is quite simple: a cylinder of hard material(plastic) and a coating of soft and massaging material(foam).

So I thought... Well I can build that. And here we are :)

P.S. My english is not that good as I'm italian, if you find errors in the writings please let me note them in the comments area.

Step 1: Materials

As I said in the intro the roller is very easy.
To build mine I used only 2 materials and some basic tools:

  • A black PVC pipe, diameter 70mm, length 50cm. I had one lying around at home, but if you have to buy one it's very cheap. It has to be rigid so prefer choosing pipes with a higher thickness.
  • A yoga mat, bought at a "sport supermarket". The measures of the mat are 50x140cm. The important thing is that is soft but not too much, and definitely not hard at the touch.

To assemble it i used some hot glue and some red duct tape.

If your pipe doesn't match the measures of you yoga mat you can for sure cut it down to desired length, in my case I have been lucky, but with an all purpose saw you can resolve your mismatch.

Step 2: Assemble It

Easily just glue with a lot of hot glue your pipe to the mat and roll it to obtain the roller.
Try to keep it as straight as you can (not like me ;) ). While you roll to form the massager use some glue to keep it from sliding.

Be abundant with glue especially in the first part of rolling and in the final part.

Step 3: Finish

To make the roller a little more colorful and stronger I wrap it with some red duct tape.

Finish! enjoy your new DIY massaging roller.

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