Introduction: Cheap DIY Rotating Timelapse

In this project, I will show you how to make rotating time lapses with smooth and clean video results. It is very simple and doesn't require lots of knowledge or supplies.

Step 1: What You Need:

For this project all you need is:

-A kitchen timer (a flat one works better but I am using an egg one) , the bigger it is, the less chance there is for your camera to fall

-A tripod or place to connect you camera to your timer

-A camera that has a time lapse feature. (takes a picture every _ seconds) I am using a GoPro for this project which are probably better because they are smaller and less likely to tip over

Step 2: Setting Up Your Tripod

For this part, I taped my small tripod to the rotating timer (it doesn't matter if it looks ugly or not because it will not be in your end result). I made sure that the camera's weight wouldn't knock it over while it was turning. Make sure nothing but the timer touches the ground or floor ( my tripod looks like it is making contact with the ground but it is not). When your tripod is stable, its time to start your time lapse!

Step 3: Camera Options

If you are using a GoPro like I am, go to Multi-shot option and change the mode to time lapse. The more photos you have per second then the smoother the overall time lapse will look but the more memory it will take up. I think for a smooth video 5 seconds should be good, but I am going to set it to every 2 seconds for an even better video.

Step 4: Time Lapse!!

Once you reach this step you are basically done! All there is left to do is keep watching your camera and where it is shooting just to make sure nothing gets in its way or that it doesn't fall. Here is the video (from the intro pictures) that I took filming over a hill. Sorry that there is no sound, I didn't want any problems with music or sound copy rights.

Hoped you enjoy and don't forget to let me know what you though about this and if you tried it out for yourself!

Link to the video here just in case:

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