Introduction: Cheap Desk Phone Wireless Headset

I spend a lot of time on the phone in the office, so I have been trying to figure out a way to get a wireless headset (AWH54 or CT14) for my desk phone without donating a kidney to Plantronics. This 'hack' was done on an Avaya Partner 18D office phone, and should work with any desk phone that has:

1. An AUX jack
2. An internal amplifier

After doing research on the CT-14 it seemed that it was nothing more than a small cordless phone with a headset attached. So....why couldn't I do the same thing with a regular cordless phone and headset for less than half the cost.

Step 1: Check Your Desk Phone

Look under your desk phone for a AUX jack. It may also be on the side, but it will look like a standard RJ6 (small phone line) jack. There should be one line running from your wall to the phone and another empty jack labeled "AUX". This is NOT the handset jack where your handset plugs in.

Step 2: Buy a Cordless Phone

I would recommend the DECT 6.0 for better reception. Make sure it is labeled as having:

1. A headset jack
2. Headset Compatible

I chose this Panasonic  because it offered 1.9gHz signal (won't interfere with wireless router), headset jack and could be purchased as a single handset.

Step 3: Connect the Cordless Phone to the AUX Input

Connect the phone line from the cordless phone base to the AUX jack on your phone. There should now be two cables running from your phone:

1. Cable to the wall
2. One cable to the cordless phone base

Step 4: Attach Wired Headset

Attach any 2.5mm wired headset to the cordless phone. I have the Plantronics M220C which seems to have great audio quality and fits comfortably. Any 2.5mm cell phone headset will work.

Step 5: Make Test Call

The phone should now act exactly like your deskphone, allowing you to roam the office with your headset on and the cordless handset in your pocket or on your belt.

To make a call: Press Talk/Flash
To place a call on hold: Press Talk/Flash > End
To transfer a call: Press Talk/Flash > Dial Extension > End
To transfer a call with announcement: Press Talk/Flash > Dial Extension > Wait for Answer > Announce > End
To use the intercom: Press Talk/Flash twice > Dial the extension

Just like this woman...but at half the cost.