Introduction: Cheap Diy Coffee Table

I've seen a lot of these coffee tables on Pinterest.

thought i'd give it a try.

tried to keep it as cheap as possible, had purchased a jigsaw, sander and impact driver previously for other diy projects.

wood was free obviously...

Step 1: Getting Started

I found a good looking pallet at the local grocery store, it seemed fairly new, without a lot of rain damage, and looked fairly easy to work with.

i started with trimming the sides of the pallet and removing the bottom support pieces with my trusty jigsaw. after that i cut two pieces down the center and attached them to the sides creating a frame in which i could start making an 'artsy' design.

Step 2:

decided the easiest way to go with a good looking design is to start laying down triangles at the corners and keep going inwards till i reach the center.

Step 3:

i would keep going inwards using whatever reclaimed wood i could find hoping that different aged wood would give it a prettier look.

every piece would take some time cutting and filing till it fit well. I attached them to the frame using wood glue and self-drilling wood screws. i drilled them in from the bottom side thinking i would keep the top part clean.

Step 4:

it started taking shape nicely though the filing by hand started to take its toll on my carpal tunnel.

had to give it a rest for a day

Step 5:

the next day i reached the center. luck had it that it came out straight enough.

Step 6:

it was good enough. on to the next stage; building the base

Step 7:

i found a heavier pallet at the back of a metal shop near by, i guessed the thicker wood used to ship metal would be enough to support my coffee table.

i used two 2-by-4's, cut them to size and drilled them in using metal corner braces.

Step 8:

i added four pieces to make the bottom level

Step 9:

Now for some sanding, a lot of sanding.

this sander cost about 40$, and did an okay job. but i would spring for a better one next time ;-)

it took about 3 whole hours of sanding and filing

Step 10:

i put on two layers of the cheapest lacquer i could find (12$ a can)

Step 11:


took about 12 hours of work


wood 0$

glue 10$

screws 2$

lacquer 12$

Tools ~ 100$ (sander, impact driver, jigsaw)