Introduction: Cheap Diy Mocktail Mixer With a Bluetooth Speaker

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So we had a party recently at our house and everything went well except for the drinks section, drinks spilled and all around the floor, sticky and hard to clean, so I thought of sharing this idea to everyone so that they don't suffer like how we did. So.....let's get started.\

this machine has

1. A bright 9v led strip,

2. 2 varieties of drinks

3. and an amazing bluetooth speaker

Step 1: Things & Tools You'll Need

1. air pump x 2

2. hc 05 (BLE)

3. prototype board

4. arduino nano v3

5. screw headers

6. l293d H bridge motor driver

7. silicone tubing or a metal tube

8. L joints and screws

9. thermocol

10. glue gun

11.2 usb cables


13. computer(to run arduino)

14.scissors and cutter

15. L joints (for pipe)

16.power bank(to power the arduino


18. 2 9v batteries

19.a powerbank

20.a lot of wires!

Step 2: Working Principle

This is a Bluetooth controlled mocktail mixer.The app that I will be using is RemoteXY

I couldn't find peristaltic pumps for cheap in amazon so, I went with the cheaper submersible water pump


1. When a Bluetooth command is sent to the HC 05, the arduino processes it and sends a command to the H bridge motor driver to activate the pump for a certain duration (digitalWrite PUMP1 , HIGH); (delay 3000);

2. Then the second juice is added by the same method

* The arduino can be programmed to make different mocktails

Step 3: Material to Make Housing

So I , planned to use cardboard available at my local craft supply store you could 3d print it or even use thermocol or other types of foam.

you can also make your own housing that fits your needs....

the template is too big to print so i have attached the markings on the chart paper

Step 4: Setting Up Remotexy

download the app RemoteXY on the play store or app store for free, turn on bluetooth an add HC 05 (P.S. It takes at least 2 minutes for the app to recognize the module ).

click the ' +' sign on the top right corner of the remotexy home screen an click add 'bluetooth devices' and choose HC-05

Step 5: The Schematics and Electronics Diagram

the connections are like this:

bluetooth ---> arduino

tx ----> rx

rx ----> tx

gnd ----> gnd

vcc ----> 3.3v

the l293d pins are defined based on the picture above (pins 1- 16)

Step 6: The Arduino Code

download the code and upload it beforehand cuz i like doing stuff in advance :-)

Step 7: The Library

download it and go to sketch > include library >add zip library and choose remotexy.

youll need winRAR to open this type of file winRAR. They have a free 40 day unlimited trial pack ;-)

(the link)

Step 8: The Build (part 1 : Electronics)

started with the assembly on the breadboard ..if you feel like modifying the code, upload the code only after disconnecting the rx and tx pins

Step 9: The Build (part 2 : the Housing)

i don't own a 3D printer....i wish i had one. But any ways I made the housing with craft cardboard

Step 10: Cheers!!!

so, recently I got my hands on a jabra Bluetooth speaker and I thought of adding it to the project cuz....a party is never complete without some music

plzzzzzzz vote for me bcoz it will help me a lot in my future projects

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