Introduction: Cheap Dog House

This is my first Instructable . I made the dog kennel by hand ie no power tools at all. So some of my measurements where off but in the end it came together. The whole thing cost under $100 cz i used left over wood and cheap wood that was not finished so had alot of splintera but the paint made it good for my dog

Step 1: Materials

•2 pallets
•Used oil and paint


Step 2: Step 1

Step 1
Build a skeleton of the structure as a box or rectangle depending on what you like . Choose size and all that depending on size of the dog . Leave a clear space for the entrance .

Step 3: Step 2

Cut the planks according to the size of the sides of your structure. Start from the bottom!!! by nailing down one plank then move upwards .this makes sure rain can't get in . Nail in the planks at an angle . Do this for all sides .for the back and front leave one plank out near the top for now. NB If you cut the planks on the sides exactly as the length of the side then make the planks on the back and front overlap alittle to cover the holes .

Step 4: Step 3

Cut the boards (i used old drawer doors ) in to the shape of your roof depending on how steep you want it. To do this measure the length of the structure on the front and back .measure and cut this out on the board. Find the middle of the board that you cut out and draw a line .now measure the width of 2 blunderings on one side and mark that. Then from there draw lines that meet at the dividing line you initially drew. Now drill holes into the board depending on what skrews you have .these will be for mounting the board and for the roof mounting. The holes must be on the bottom part of the board leaving space for the roof mounting.

Step 5: Step 4 Roof

The roof mountings are the blunderings that you skrew onto the board . Make sure they overlap the structure of the doghouse so that its protected on all sides. The roof is the same as the sides make sure you overlap the planks well so water cant get in .start from the top and work your way down but make sure the planks are angled downwards. Its hard to do but all you have to do is put another plank under the first one before nailing said first one down.

For the flood I just got a pallet and nailed the whole thing onto it .it was simple and cheap . Use the used oil to cover the bottom part of the pallet to protect form water damage ie not the part the dog sleeps .