Introduction: Cheap, Double Sided, Grid-it Style Organiser Board

this is a simple and cheap version of the more polished, strong and generally better grid-it organisers that you can buy. I costed making a similar build to the original and decided it was not worth it, however this version cost precisely nothing (as I had the pieces to hand) so it suited my needs and budget perfectly.

Step 1: Ingredients

1 mushroom box, or similar rigid mesh

1 or more lengths of elastic

Step 2:

cut a section of grid from the box, mine was roughly the size of an a4 sheet of paper, I wouldn't go much bigger unless you had a stonger grid.

Step 3:

weave the elastic through the grid, as you want to accomidate a variety of objects you need a variety of sizes so some sections of elastic are the length of three holes on the grid, some only one. If you were planning for specific objects you could size accordingly, I just did a range of sizes at random

Step 4:

so having made a weave of random sizes I simply tied of the elastic onto the grid, done

I've put a range of objects in, as the elastic was so thin I haven't gone super heavy, although it has taken the pliers and powerbank without issue. I definately would put heavy tools or a laptop charger in with this thin elastic.

If I wanted to accomadate a specific object in the future I could easily tie and weave in more elastic

the design is very flexable, so you could easily use whatever you have to hand, you could add in elastic bands, bungy cord, scraps of stetchy material, whatever you have to hand. If you have wider bits of elastic you could easily cut slots in the grid to accomadate them, though obviously the more you cut the grid the weaker it gets.

Obviously this can be done better if you are willing to spend more time and money, if not this works very well.