Cheap Drone Helicopter Landing Pad

Introduction: Cheap Drone Helicopter Landing Pad

Why pay $25 for a drone/quad copter landing pad? This cost me $1.


Carpet, leftover paint, paper, scissors, razor blade

Step 1: Dollar Store Hunt

Find a carpet square at your local Dollar Store. Not too heavy, you want very low pile, light cheap carpet. The back should be paintable so if you have a selection, keep that in mind. Might depend on color of the sign you choose.

Step 2: Paint / Graphics

First I painted the entire thing black. Then added the stencil. The “H” is easy using masking tape. I don’t have pics but for the circle I used a manila file folder. Put a dot in the middle and using a ruler, marked out 4.5” from center point all around to get inner circle. Chose a larger diameter for outside circle. Cut. What you end up with is a perfect circle 1-1.5” wide. Used double stick tape to tape it to the back of carpet. (Again, we’re not painting the carpet side.)

Step 3: Paint Everything White.

Only black will show through when you pull off the tape and stencil.

Step 4: Once Dry, Cut Fold

You want to be able to fold this up right? Cut with razor blade leaving two 2” pieces in tact so it stays together. Fold. Done.

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