Introduction: Cheap & Easy: DIY Modern Bling Christmas Wreath!

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I wanted a wreath, but nothing traditional. It's just not my style! So I pondered about this for a few days until my epiphany moment happened. This isn't completely a 'how-to' but I hope more of an idea starter for you all. Mostly everything I already had from previous purchases/craft projects/junk drawer. The total cost was probably under $10.00-$15.00 overall.

If any of you attempt your own; please share, I'd love to see what you come up with.


- Wreath base
- Spray Paint
- Ribbon
- Xmas Blubs
- Various Chains (I used everything from the hardware store finds to old jewelry)
- Glue (glue gun)
- Fake Flowers
- Thin Flexible wire
- Some black wire I found
- Pliers
- Junk Jewelry
- Odds n ends from those craft scraps


I reused a Halloween wreath, I just took it all apart and spray painted it white. (let dry!)

Next I wrapped the ribbon & hardware store chain around the wreath. Secured in place with glue for the ribbon and wire for the chain.
(The chain was also quite helpful in helping to balance the weight of the blubs.)

Using the bulbs own hook I used the pliers to place various chains & odds and ends onto each bulb to give them a "blinged" out look. A few of the longer chains on the blubs, i put a very small dab of glue where they balanced best with being hung from the wreath.

To make the holly, i simply used leaf pieces from the fake floral arrangement, wire, and beads from a junk necklace. The larger ones are simply just wire wrapped, then put in place. With the addition of some black wire to make the little black sprigs.
The small holly I did glue the 'leafs' to the bead & then wire wrapped into place.

And that's really it! I just played with placement until I was happy and secured everything with the thin wire.

The options you could do are almost endless just dig threw that junk drawer with Reuse in mind!
I hope some of you will find this helpful.

Happy Holidays!