Introduction: Cheap & Easy Docking Bay for a Small Watercraft

The great thing about this project is being very simple to install, costs a fraction of the price compared to the store bought options to dock either a wave runner, kayak, canoe, small fishing boat, or in this case to save my grandparents from having to pull their new paddle boat off and on from shore.

Step 1: Materials & Tools Needed

See the list of Materials & Tools needed for this project in the attached picture I made for a better visual

Step 2: Drill Hole Into Each PVC Pipe

To save time and keep consistency when sinking each PVC pipe into the lake floor I predrilled each hole for the bungee cords to pass thru at 24" from an end of the PVC. Make it easy for the bungee to pass thru and use a 1/2" drill bit.

Step 3: Sink Your Posts Into the Lake Floor Using a Simple Method

Unfortunately I was unable to get a photo while I was installing the posts but the directions are fairly simple.

To make the docking bay look nice and even you want the spacing between the posts and the outside of the watercraft to be consistent. You also want the distance from the top of the water to the top of your posts to all be the same as well. Due to the possible difference in depth at each post location it is not wise to simply mark off a distance on the posts that you want to sink your posts to. When planning out the post locations I also recommend situating them either perpendicular or parallel with the shoreline.

Position a post at the desired location and using your pressure washer stick the nozzle straight down into the top of the PVC pipe and start spraying. This forces all the ground below out around your post and creates a perfect hole for your post to shimmy down into. While spraying, simultaneously push the post downward while twisting until it has sunk to your desired depth. I recommend no less than 2ft. Then take your foot and stamp in around the post till standing straight. Take the measurement from the top of the water to the top of your post and continue this process till all your posts are standing straight and level in height from the top of the water.

Step 4: Install the Bungee Cords & Cap the Posts

Now you are ready to Install the Bungee cords to hold your watercraft steady in the middle of the docking bay.

Position and hold your watercraft centered in the middle of the posts. Take one bungee cord and using a Stanley knife cut the hook off one end. Now string the cut end through the hole on one of the posts. take the opposite end of the bungee cord and hook it to the boats cleat or eyelet. Pull the end strung thru the hole while keeping your boat in position till the bungee is tight but not overly tight to prevent strain on you when hooking up and the life of the bungee. Tie a good knot then cut the excess off with your knife. Unhook the bungee and measure the length when limp. Now tie off a bungee cord to the rest of the posts at this length.

To complete the project just cap the top of each post with the PVC couplings.

Step 5: Finally Enjoy Getting on the Water Hassle Free

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