Cheap Easy Frame




Introduction: Cheap Easy Frame

This is a tutorial to make an oversized frame on the cheap, great for a dorm room, for a poster such as the world map I chose to make it with. Focusing on those who might not have all the fancy workshop tools required to do "real" woodworking.

Step 1: Tools Needed

-Miter box & saw

-Corner clamp

-Stapler (staple gun prefered)

-Masking tape (or other light tape)

-Krazy glue

-Molding board

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

Figure out the dimensions of the picture you want to be visible. (AKA the poster minus the white border.) Cut the molding board to that PLUS TWICE THE BOARDS WIDTH. This is so you can cut the angles into the board.

Step 3: Cutting the Corners

Now whip out you miter box & saw, and cut the boards at 45 degree angles. I like cutting from the top of the board down because the saw is less likely to mess up the boards finish.

Step 4: Clamp and Glue

Affix the boards in the clamp and put some Krazy Glue in between and on the back of the two joints to assure they don't break. Give the corners ample time to dry between each glueing, don't be like me and not wait long enough and have to re-glue.

Step 5: Center Picture

Center you picture in the middle of you frame and then apply masking tape to hold it in place. MAKE SURE YOU "LINT" THE TAPE FIRST BY PUTTING IN ON YOUR SHIRT OR PANTS this takes away some of the tapes stickiness so it won't rip your poster.

Step 6: Staple That Sucker In

Now flip over your frame carefully, because it has no back board it is fragile, and staple away at the white area on your poster so it is nice and secure on our molding.

Step 7: Hanging the Frame

Throw one or two staples in your frame depending on it's size on the top of the molding as anchors for the nails you put into your wall to hold up the frame.

Step 8: Hang It Up

Put it up on your wall and enjoy the view.

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    7 years ago

    This looks great, I have one question though. So it looks like there is nothing covering the print, and nothing backing it other than the wall? I just want to know how fragile is it? Like if someone were to touch it or it got bumped into what are the odds it would have damage. I have little ones and while they do listen pretty well, mistakes do happen. So I am just curious at my odds of something like this holding up.


    Reply 7 years ago

    I have bumped into it a few times and it hasn't broken, however when handling it it does feel fragile, you could always put some type of thin board, like chip, board in the back to give it more stability.