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Introduction: Cheap Easy Indoor Plants

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I tried to make a easy and cheap set up to keep plants alive with minimal maintenance. other then using plants that will stay alive indoors during the winter and don't die from the difference in natural light.

i found a good set up for hydrophilic (water loving) and hydrophobic (plants who don't like a ton of water).

once calls for more of a cold frame out of a bigger bottle to help keep moister in and a more constant temperature.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

I decided to find items to re-use instead of throwing out:

1 Big bottle. (2 liter suggested)

1 Small bottle. (almost any small 14-20 oz bottle)

1 Plate or tray (to caught water runoff and spillage)

1 Utility Knife (to cut the bottles)

1 Handful of good dark soil ( the darker the dirt the better)

Seeds, Seedling or Cutting (i used cutting of mint and they seemed to take well)

I suggest starting seed sin paper towels to only use germinated seeds so you see a better and faster result.

Step 2: Preping the Bottles

you are going to need to cut both bottles.

Cut the bottles about 3-5 inches down so the top can be inverted and sit on top of the bottle and hold the soil.

Step 3: Planting the Seedlings or Clipping

I poked my finger down about an inch in the moist soil and stuck the plants in. i saw new roots within a week.

Step 4: Cold Frame

The frame helps maintain moisture in the enclosure, filter light, and keep a constant temperature.

It is just a bigger bottle that the smaller on sits in.

For hydrophobic plants stab a couple 1 inch holes in cold frame to let moisture out and have the dish or tray under the frame to caught the water for reuse and stop from leaking.

Step 5: Congratulations

Congrats you have just saved about $5 and helped recycle and reuse some plastic bottles.

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