Introduction: Cheap Effective Disposable Covid-19 Face Filter

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In this cost effective instructable, I am going to guide you to assemble your own filtered face masks to aid in the protection of spreading disease. Particularly against COVID-19 due to current cities requiring that individuals wear some sort of face mask when in public.

This solution is cheap enough to be tossed after use, and easy enough that several can be made at a time with materials that most homes are already stocked with.

So, If you are like me, and do not want to hassle with reusing, handling or washing reusable cloth masks, here is a fantastic cost effective solution for everyone in need.

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- Scissors

- 13" segment of yarn

- 2 medium size rubber bands

- 1 coffee filter

- 1 uncovered face

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

Go ahead and grab yarn, rubber bands, coffee filters, and something to cut a segment of yarn like scissors.

Step 2: Cut Your Yarn

Take your scissors and cut a 13" segment of yarn.

Step 3: Make a Loop

Next, Take the segment of yarn and fold in half. Then on the side with 2 ends, tie a knot at the very end. The goal here is to form a loop from your 13" segment of yarn. This should be about the appropriate size to start with for most people.

Step 4: Add the Ear Grabbing Apparatus

This part is relatively easy if you have ever played around with rubber bands and made bracelets ect.

To form the first ear loop, fold the first rubber band around a side of the yarn loop, while inserting one side of the rubber band into itself on the opposing ends loop.

After the end of the rubber band has been pulled through, keep hold of the rubber band while pulling the end of the yarn loop tight to make sure it is secure.

With the 2nd rubber band, repeat the same procedure on the opposing side of the yarn loop, Forming the 2nd ear loop.

Step 5: Insert the Coffee Filter

Finally, insert the disposable coffee filter into the yarn loop and position it around 1/4 to 1/2 way from the closed end of the disposable coffee filter.

Step 6: How to Use

First, stretch rubber loops (one around each ear).

At, the same time, secure the coffee filter under yarn loop by placing top of loop over the nose and filter

and the bottom of the loop over the filter and under the chin

Step 7: Thankyou for Viewing!

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Everyone Stay Safe, Quarantined, and Healthy.

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