Introduction: Cheap Eponine Thernadier Les Miserables Costume

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First Instructable!
So. I thought I would share my halloween costume this year. It was really easy to get/do. I wanted to do Eponine as I love Les Miserables and the character.. And it's halloween, and she gets shot, so... Suitable :) . You can get one/make one yourself. It was really cheap and a lot of the items are reusable (I wear the hat out sometimes!). Also, you can add a little dirt/ dark eyeshadow to your eyes/cheeks, but I didn't as I have extremely sensitive skin. You can also tuck up your hair for the boy look (Act 2) or you can leave it down (Act 1(I slept in french plaits and when I took it out it was wavy, a bit greasy and messy:; perfect).

Step 1: Inspiration

So I decided to go with a mix of Act 1 and Act 2 costumes on stage, as well as the film costume. I looked at Samantha Barks for my inspiration.

Step 2: The Hat

First the hat. The iconic Eponine look. I believe it's called a newsboy hat? If that's wrong just comment. But I found this in a local charity shop for £1.50, and it was ripped at the back and a little worn; it was meant to be! I added a little cockade that I made too (more later).

Step 3: The Gloves

I got the idea of the gloves from the 25th Anniversary Concert. She comes out wearing fingerless badly cut gloves. I think I got a pair from the shop Select, and I just turned them inside out and cut out the fur lining, zip and the fingers.

Step 4: The Boots

These were from last year's halloween, and a bit small, but they were perfect as I had broken them about 6 months ago and the soles were flapping and they overall looked quite scuffed like worn out mens boots or that they'd been dragged through a hedge backwards, you decide ;) She was a theif in her father's gang, after all.

Step 5: The Letter

So on this, I just folded over some a4 normal plain paper, and copied the typography from the film. I then smudged the ink with water, and for the wax sealed look, cut out a wavy red paper circle and glue-gunned (if this is a word) the edge. I then jumped on it and hurled it around in my rainy and muddy garden.

Step 6: The Belt

I bought this in the same shop as the hat for £1.00, and it was a huge men's belt, so I managed to shove a screwdriver in it (what tools would they have had back then anyway?!) and tied it quite tightly to acheive the small waistline she has in the film without a corset (don't worry, it was still left very loose.).

Step 7: The Cockades

I will probably do an instructable on these some time in the future as they are handmade. But basically I made one 12" ribbon one and one with 8", and the 12" turned out better, so that went on my coat, and the 8" on my hat. As I say, when I do a tutorial on these I will post a link here.

Step 8: The Coat

I got this off ebay for about £3.00 and £1.50 shipping, and it was an expensive brand and an extra large men's coat, as women's trench coats don't reach the floor (why?!). I then deagged it up and down my garden to dirty it and make it seem worse for wear. It worked. I didn't want to tear it because it looked too fake. I added a cockade also.

Step 9: The Blouse

This I bought for around £3.00 on ebay, and as she wears a sleeveless blouse, I tucked up the sleeves. I aldo tucked it in to the belt. Because I actually like it, I didn't rip it or add any dirt, blood stains (she gets shot in the stomach, remember) and I also had hardly any time, but I would recommend it. Mine was already and ivory colour, do it looked quite dirty at night.

Step 10: The Skirt

I got this for £4.50 in another charity shop. Yes, I wore it as a dress under the blouse (It was colder than I expected :) ). This one has the sort of film look about it, and it came frayed and the design had frayed swirled/swirly edges, and it was just perfect!

So there you have it, a cheap costume to make and get at home!

Step 11: The Package

And it all wraps up into this neat little package!