Cheap Flagpole for Truck

Introduction: Cheap Flagpole for Truck

Instructions on how to make a cheap Flagpole for your truck

Do you have flags sitting around your house that you've been wanting to take out and fly?

Are you money tight and can't afford to get a fully metal get up?

Then here's a way to make a cheaper get up until you can afford a full metal get up. All it takes is a PVC Pipe and some tools then you'll be able to fly your flags proudly and cheaply without breaking your wallet.

Materials Power Drill PVC Pipe Vise Grip(Or whatever you can use to keep pipe steady) Tape Measure Sharpened Pencil 2x ¼ Eye Screws 2x ¼ Eye Clips Metal Mount 2x 2in Regular Screws Flag

Step one: Take the power drill, I prefer to a Milwaukee or a dewalt power drill because I find them to perform the best out of the other brands. Make sure the battery is charged fully for the most power and performance also the drill won't die on you.

Step 2: Put the PVC pipe into a vise grip to stabilize the PVC pipe so the pipe won't move when screwing the eye screws into the pipe. If you don't have a vise grip take a pair of channel locks big enough to drip around the PVC pipe to hold the pipe steady.

Step 3: Take a tape measure and a pencil but make sure the pencil is sharpened before use. Measure out ½ foot distance from the top of the PVC pipe. Then measure out however long your slag is in feet from where you are going to screw the first eye screw to the second screw. Mark each spot with the pencil so you know where you will be screwing the eye screws to.

Step 4: Take the power drill and place the eye screw into the drill and make sure it is tightly fastened to the eye screw so it doesn't fall out of the drill while you are screwing. Then go to the first mark you made on the PVC pipe and begin screwing straight down into the pipe, so it will hang straight instead of the flag hanging crooked. After that place your second screw in the drill as you did for the first screw and move to the second mark you made earlier. And proceed as you did with the first screw.

Step 5: Remove the PVC pipe from the vise grip or the channel locks or whatever you decided to use to keep the the PVC pipe steady for screwing. Grab the metal mounts and the regular screws then bring the PVC pipe to your truck bed. Position the your flagpole to wherever you would like to have your flagpole in the bed of the truck. Then take the metal mount and place it over the pole and screw each side of the mount into the truck.

Step 6: After mounting your cheap flagpole to your truck take the top of the pole and move it around to make sure it is securely fastened to your truck. So the wind won't break or make your flagpole fly out of your truck while you are driving down the road.

Step 7: Take your eye clips and attach them to the eye screws that you have already screwed in. After attaching the eye clips now you are able to attach your flag to your truck's cheap flagpole. When attaching the flag to the the eye clips make sure the flag is right side up not upside down. Now go out and fly your flag.

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    5 years ago

    That's a good cost effective way to make one :)