Introduction: Cheap Grill Upgrade... No It Will Not Catch Fire!!! ;)

A funn way to upgrade a cheap grill.

Update for those who are concern about that may catch on fire.

This is the third one that I make, the space is enough in the border, and if its true that may catch fire, the ones that already made only get a Little brownish in the internal border.

Thanks for your concern any way.

Step 1: ​Cheap Grill. US $ 29.

Cheap Grill. US $ 29.

Step 2: General Layout of the Pieces.


No measures,since no standar grill, hope this post became usefull en some way.

General layout of the pieces.

Step 3: Attaching the Grill Drum to the Frame.

Attaching the grill drum to the frame. Notice that the holes must be low, so the grill drum stays below the border, in orden to be covered later.

I use the legs that come with the grill to make the spacers.

Step 4: Start Adding the Boards to Make the Table

Start adding the boards to make the table.

Step 5: ​Adding the Legs.

Adding the legs.

A photo is missing, But yull see that the legs have this long board accross to make it stronger.

Step 6: ​Making the Cover.

Making The cover.

Step 7: Hom Ñom Ñom Ñom!!!


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