Introduction: Cheap Human Power Kickstand for the Mundo

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We've been getting quite a few inquiries at Rock the Bike about whether the Mundo Cargo Bike can accept one of our Bike Blenders. It bothered me that I had to say no, there was neither a human-power-suitable kickstand (one that supports the rear wheel so you can pedal in place) or a blender base that was compatible with the Mundo.

So I thought of this kickstand recently and threw together a working prototype out of PVC in about 30 minutes. The way the Mundo's frame works, the two pieces of pipe support the weight handily. Gravity holds everything in place. With the PVC, my prototype felt a little too flexy and 'walked' forward across the floor as a tested the side-to-side strength. With a stiffer material, the bike wouldn't budge. This kickstand would obviously be one of the most affordable designs, since it requires no welding.

As for the blender base, hopefully it's a matter of altering the hardware on ourFender Blender X so that we can offer something Mundo-compatible, and further highlight the Mundo as a great transportation and now social tool for the community.