Introduction: Cheap Ice Lollies

Step 1: You Will Need

You will need a wooden stick or spoon of something you can hold A plastic cup Fruit juice or cordial Water ( if your using cordial ) Your favourite fruits / berries ( raspberries , strawberries , cherries etc ) A freezer

Step 2: To Start

Get your plastic cup and fill it with fruit juice ( or cordial mixed with water )

Step 3: Fillings Etc

Cut up some of your favourite fruits into small pieces . Put them into the fruit juice / watered down cordial .

Step 4: To Finish

Put a spoon into your drink and fruit concoction . Put your cup and spoon into a freezer for around 3/4 hours . If you would like a fruit slushie do exactly the same thing but put it in the freezer and wait until it is hard but soft enough to break . Get the spoon an mix it around creating a lovely fruit slushie .

Step 5: Helpful Tips

Keep checking on your ice lollies as they may be finished before the time predicted . After you take your ice Lolly from the freezer keep it in the fridge for 10/15 minutes so that is easy to get out of the cup so that you can eat it like a Lolly.
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