Introduction: Cheap In-Car Entertainment System Retrofit

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You will need:
  • Peugeot 3008 with RT6 navigation system (or any other car with any other multimedia system that lets you plug-in AV signal).
  • Media player with USB and card reader (about $30).
  • SD card or USB drive for media.
  • 12V-to-5V car charger.

Step 1: Modify the Media Player IR Receiver

Since I wanted to hide the media player somewhere inside armrest, it was necessary to extend the IR receiver.

I've opened the media player (warranty void), desoldered the IR receiver, and extended it with 1 meter of 3 pin wire.

Step 2: Modify Power Supply

Then I've disassembled phone charger, soldered two wires with a fuse (just to be sure).

Next I've modified the power cable for the media player so i could plug it in the USB port in car charger.

Step 3: Test and Mount

After testing everything on the table and inside the car it was time to hard-wire everything to the car.

First i found 12V ignition hot to power the device. Next I've connected three RCA connectors to AV-IN port. Then i placed the IR receiver next to the gearbox.

Media player was installed inside armrest so the USB and card ports were easy to reach.

Step 4: Done!

Turned everything on and confirmed that it works as it should.

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