Introduction: Cheap Jack-o-lantern!

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                      This is an idea thats not original to me but I thought to go into this subject deeper. So this year due to lack of money we (my family) did not have enough money for halloween decorations I.E. pumpkins. So one day I saw a thing about using oldmilk jugs for decorations, I believe it was on Instructables. I decided to make my own after that :).

       This is a fairly easy project and if you have everything laying around its free!!!

******NOTE please be careful as knives are sharp and fire is hot!!!! (gotta just put that out there)

Step 1: Materials You Will Need.

The list is short and simple:

1: you will need a plastic jug (any type will do) preferably a gallon jug because they are larger then a quart jug. Orange juice jugs work well because they are already orange!

2: You will need a marker, felt tip or any marker that shows up on the plastic enough for you to see (I used a sharpie)

3: An exacto knife or box cutter (I used exacto because I can cut details better) as seen in picture

4: An LED tea light thing (any small light really) or a tea light candle.

5: (only if you have candle, or like fire) a box of matches/lighter

And lastly, duct tape and a porch/steps to hold your back on and a porch/steps to present your new decoration!

Step 2: Taking Off the Label.

    So once you have all of your materials you will most likely want to take the labels off of the jug. Although this is kinda your personal preferance, I would highly recommend it.

   To start you can either do as I did and use bare fingers or you can run the label under water.

  Either way is simple: peel the label.

  Heres some pics.

Step 3: Marking Your Cuts.

   This step is pretty straight forward, mark out the peices your going to cut out. Just treat it like a normal pumpkin. You can either free hand draw the peices or use a template, that is completely up to you the craftsman/woman.

  I chose to freehand mine. And I just came up with the design as I went on.

 Observe thy pictures please :)

Step 4: Cutting Your Marks.

Once you have marked out your pieces and are satisfied with them its time to cut!

You remember in grade school when the teach gave you a piece of paper with a cool shape? This is like that but with a sharper tool.
Just cout out the solid lines.

As you may have noticed I drew supports for the pupil area. If you do features like that be careful to cut out only the right pieces.

ALso, I noticed it helps to color in the edges of the holes to make them stand out more.

Step 5: Finish Up!

Once you have everything cut and you are satisfied (customer satisfaction is key) its time to light it up and put a lock on your hatch.

Simply put the candle in and light it. Then apply a small strip of duct tape to hold the hatch shut. Place on porch and enjoy!!


Step 6: In Case You Were Wondering.

Here are some extras.

THank you for getting this far, hope you enjoyed it!

Some credit goes to DIYJosh for insperation and his intructable. Thanks.

And Id like to thank safeway for having orange juice in orange jugs, and my mom for purchasing me a gallon of juice to enjoy!

Note, I did this project to demonstrate recycling to friends. Please recycle or reuse!!!!!

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