Cheap Machining Coolant Sprayer

Introduction: Cheap Machining Coolant Sprayer

This is my cheap and efficient coolant system which runs off a compressor.  Basically its a cheap airbrush but with a pvc hose filling the unit with coolant (I use WD40).  The price of these coolant sprayers starts at about $100 for the most basic and quickly go upwards of $200.  I thought an airbrush would do a better job as it is far more variable, plus if any parts break then they are very cheap to replace.

Basic Items
-Airbrush $10
-PVC Hose 6mm ID  $2
-Zip Ties 
-Neodimium magnets $8

Items to automate operation
- Air Regulator $16
- Solenoid Valve  $30

Fairly easy, just add oil instead of paint and epoxy the neodimium magnets to the airbrush, the other magnet fits next to where you need the airbrush securing.  This allows me to place the coolant exactly where I want it quickly.
Im sure you will wish to setup your coolant system to suit your equipment.

I got board of switching the unit on and off so I glued the airbrushes trigger down and fitted a solenoid valve which ran off the motors power.  Now when I turn the lathe on or off the coolant starts & stops automatically, just like pro cnc machines.

Hope you like it :)

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    2 years ago

    I did the exact same but:-

    1) The solenoid is powered from a relay connected an output port on my BoB so it fires only when the tool is engaged with the material (using gcode)
    2) Use soluble cutting fluid which is as effective as WD40 but infinitely cheaper!!
    3) Airbrush is mounted to end of opposable sprayer arm simple for positioning (the head of the OSA itself is useless for this setup as the mist is nowhere near fine enough for an airbrush compressor).


    I like this set up. I think I will make this and add an opposable sprayer head. 700 × 700 - and make 2 or 3 of these (Lathe, Mill, Bandsaw) I like the addition of the Solenoid. I think I will just add a rocker switch onto the switches that are already there instead.