Introduction: Cheap Mig Flux Core Welder Mods

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Hi, everyone

My hobby is basically building vehicles with wheels, but in the middle of all, I must do another things to reach my goals, and it seems that several people like those things, here are one of that: ___________________________________________________________________________

This was a simple mod on a cheap MIG flux cored welder to make it work like a decent MIG welder

The steps are upload in youtube if you want to see how it´s made.

Here leave the electric diagram to show how it´s all connected


- cheap mig flux core welder

for mod 1:

- voltage regulator 220v 4000w

for mod 2:

- relay 12v

- 820k resistor

- 250 k potentiometer

-12v power supply

Step 1: Electric Diagram of the Welder

Step 2: Voltage Regulation and Welding Cut

With this mod, you can:

-adjust the amperage of welding

- turn off the welding current , by turning the amperage knob

- leave the fan cooling the main coil of the welder

but the regulator leaves too much dead zone on the knob, and the welder still welds when the wire touches steel

Step 3: Press to Weld and Welding Fine Tunning,

With this mod the welder works almost like a decent welder,

The video explain how to correct the dead zone on the regulator and how to pull out a wire from the internal switch,