Introduction: Cheap Mini Camping Stove

When I go kayaking I don't want to build a fire so I researched a compact stove because I didn't want it to take up a lot of room. When I found out that a good stove cost over 200 dollars I decided to make my own out of common household items until I could buy a better one. But after I made the stove I wanted a easy way to heat up the stove quickly so I found an easy way to do that too. I don't know for sure how much it costs but I am sure that it cost less than 200 dollars and could be found in a future apocalypse situation.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Item I used

  • tin soup can
  • cardboard
  • yarn
  • aluminum pop can
  • wax
  • wire
  • tin snips
  • punch
  • hammer

Step 2: Stove Heat Source/log

First to make the the heat/log I used tin snips to cut off the bottom of the pop can leaving about an 1/2 inch from bottom up. Then what I did was curled the cardboard in a spiral tightly inside of the can bottom, then I put an 1 inch of yarn in the middle of the cardboard. I then poured melted wax inside of the cardboard and yarn making sure to coat the yarn in wax. That is my heat source/log.

Step 3: Stove Body

The reason I made the heat source first was because the heat source size determines how big your hole is for the can. So use you tin snips to cut a hole at the top and another big enough to fit your log/heat source. Then use your punch and hammer to punch hole all over the top and bottom so it is well vented. This part is an optional grill feature you can drill hole at the top and insert wire at the top in a cross formation.

Step 4: Finish Project

I have used this a few times and I really like it, it is easier than building fire the only down side is you have to bring matches and the stove. This is what I will use until I can afford a better one.

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