Introduction: Cheap, Quick, Friction Stickers

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These are quick and easy friction stickers for a yoyo. It will cost 1.2 cents per friction sticker. I couldn't take pictures because the tape is clear... you can't see it...

Step 1: Materials

All you need is the following,
Thin, double sided tape, a little smaller than a friction sticker.
Friction stickers...
or you can use a piece of paper(but it will be harder.)

Step 2: Making the Shape

If you have a friction sticker, skip this step. Basically just trace the shape of the place where the friction sticker goes on the piece of paper. Kind of like a crayon rubbing.

Step 3: Putting It On

Put the friction sticker on the piece of double sided tape. It should stick over the edges. Then cut it out.

Step 4: Put It On(again)

Just put the sticker onto your yoyo.

Step 5: Notes

If you use kentaro friction stickers, it will wear out in roughly a month, costing $12 per year.
If you use duncan, it will wear out in one day, costing $292 per year.
If you make these, it will wear out in one day, costing $4.38 per year.

Anyway, it's cheaper making these. I'm trying to make it last longer, so expect more!