Introduction: Cheap Quick Release Universal Camera Tripod Mount

I thought of this idea one morning when I wanted to record with my iPhone on a tripod because I needed both hands but didn’t want to hassle with putting it in a new mount or having to go through too much trouble to disconnect it.

This has enough pressure to angle my iPhone in any direction when on the tripod and then quickly release it when my phone alerts me to make a move in a game. I have attached the video for your viewing pleasure and also wrote all the steps to make it.

Step 1: Gather Thy Materials

I used some scrap pieces of birch plywood from another project.

Varying pieces of wood and approx:

5 - 4" x 1/2" x 1/4" (For free moving, rails and base pieces)

3 - 2" x 1/2" x 1/4" (For the cross sections)

1 - 1 1/4" x 1/2" x 1/4" (For the base)

2 - 2" in length popsicle sticks (take 1 and cut it out)

1 - 1/4 inch nut

1 - Spring

2 - Small screws

Step 2: Its All About the Base.

Take the base and glue one of the square long pieces to it. Then take the main sliding piece measure the phone against it and glue a cross section to it a little bit below the mark. This will be holding your phone at the top while the base will hold it at the bottom.

Step 3: Go Off the Rails!

Place the top of the phone cross section inbetween 2 other wood pieces then glue a connecting piece across the rails only. Do not glue the center one, that is going to be your free moving piece. Then glue the bottom of the the rails to the base.

Step 4: Pop in the Popsicles

I chose a popsicle stick for two reasons. The first…I had just finished eating a Firecracker popsicle ice cream bar and the second... it was flat enough to press the phone flush against the rails while also giving it the support needed.

Step 5: Back It Up!

Glue 2 cross sections across the top back of the rails and the bottom back of the rails. Again only the rails not the middle moving piece

Step 6: Put a Spring in This Step.

Literally put a spring in this step. Make sure the middle piece is all the way down. Take your spring and mark a hole on the middle free moving piece and on the bottom back cross section. This should be done while your spring is closed and will be the closed position of the mount. Then drill some holes for the small pilot holes then screw the screws in and attach the spring.

Step 7: Go NUT!

Just go one Nut in this step. Center your 1/4 nut on the bottom of the base and glue one side, then glue the other side, then glue the other side, then the other side and finally glue the last side. You should have glued 5 sides by now.

Step 8: Mount UP!

Let every thing dry for exactly 3 seconds. EXACTLY 3 SECONDS. Then mount to make sure there is enough pressure on your phone. You may need to drill the the screw holes a little farther apart to allow for pressure. ENJOY! Watch the video, see some of my hair in it.

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