Introduction: Cheap Repair for Post Light Photocell

Remove the photocell, check the string that I attached to the cable, don't let it fall down the post. The bad unit had condensation inside the window.

Step 1:

Cut the plastic body of the unit with a tubing cutter. Remove the "guts".

Step 2:

First unsolder the bad Photoresistor, Picture of the new Photoresistor (20-30k, 12mm from e-bay) along side of the bad one. Tools required- Soldering Iron, Solder, Dykes, Long Nose, Flux, Chem-Wik to "wick away the old solder.

Step 3:

Solder in the new Photoresistor. The wires are small and require just a touch of solder. Reassemble the unit using the handymans friend, Duck Tape. Reinstall the unit into the pole lamp. As always- Breaker OFF before we start. The cost of this repair- $1.99 postage included. Down side- 2 weeks to get the photoresistor from China.

Step 4: