Cheap Retro Skateboard

Introduction: Cheap Retro Skateboard

About: Hi, I'm Bailey Haworth. Im a skater, an artist, and a fellow creator! I hope you enjoy my creations and you can see them whenever you want just follow me on Instagram @mr.themenace

Step 1: Supplies

• 1 plank of 1-inch thick wood
• 1 can of wood polyurethane coating
• 1 can of wood stain
• 1 set of penny board or skateboard trucks
• 4 penny board wheels
• 8 skateboard bearings
• 2 scrap screws
• skateboard hardware
• 1sharpie
• acrylic paint and small paint brush
• 1 large foam brush
• and patience

Step 2: Tools Needed

• sander
• sand paper
• wood glue
• saw
• a ruler
• drill
• pencil
• protractor
• paper ( for stencil )
• plastic bag to keep brush from drying
• tarp
• a well ventilated space

Step 3: Getting Started

To start, take measurements on plank of wood. 21 inches in height. After you make a line down the center, go to the top of that line and begin making an appropriate size circle that rounds out the top, this will be the round edge of the board. After measurements begin sawing the round edge of the board off until you are left with a 21 inch rectangle with one edge rounded out.

Step 4: Adding the Tail

Once you have the basic board drill two even spaced holes in the flat edge of the board in the back. These holes need to be wide enough to fit your two scrap screws in them. When I say scrap screws I'm talking about just two random screws I had Keaton's around in my garage. Once you glue those screws in the holes leaving the narrow end of the screws sticking out, begin sawing about an inch of wood the same width as your board until it's a rectangle tail. Drill the same size holes in the same place diagonally into the tail piece. Put glue in the holes and fit the screws attached to the board into the tail making a rough tail that sits nicely against the board. Once dry, apply wood filler to the spaces needed to morph the tail into the board.

Step 5: Sanding

Once the tail is dried on we need to make the board look pretty. To do this get your sander and sand along the edges making it nice and rounded out. Then sand the top and bottom of the board getting rid of any rough patches of wood. To really get a nice curve on the tail sand the bottom of it rounding it the edge making the board look connected to the tail. Do the same on the top but because of the small space use regular sand paper instead of the sander.

Step 6: Designing

Once the board is done being sanded, drill holes were you want your trucks to be. I can't show you the website I used to measure the placement of these holes but the template is easy to find. Once you have drilled eight 3/12 holes you can now sharpie on any design you want.

Step 7: Staining

After designing, apply a coat of stain and let it drip dry over a tarp for a day.

Step 8: Extra Designs

After stain drys, apply any additional stencils or designs using acrylics to add any extra color.

Step 9: Polyurethane Coat

Once the acrylics dry it's time to give it that nice shiny look. You take the foam brush and brush on one coat of polyurethane let it dry completely. Repeat this step for three coats.

Step 10: Finishing Touch

Once dry, attach the trucks. hardware, wheels, and bearings and your done!

Enjoy your new cheap retro board that you can take anywhere!

WARNING: skateboarding can be dangerous make sure to wear pads and a helmet when using. Also chemicals in polyurethane can be harmful make sure to wear gloves, eye protection, and a mask when using, same goes for the wood stain. If you are not cautious when working, any problems that occur is out of your actions and its your responsibility to be safe. If you do have problems its only my idea not my problem so be safe and have fun.


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    7 years ago

    I was planning on making another one soon I'll definitely take some progress pictures for sure next time!